Who is the driver of the Dillon Reeves bus? 13-year-old boy, who saved his classmates when his bus driver fell unconscious

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Dillon Reeves Bus Driver

This article is going to be very interesting. A US teenager was allowed to save a runaway bus from an accident. The boy does not have a cell phone to talk to in an emergency. A teenager named Dillon Reeves saved the lives of many students. He noticed that the driver was distressed and guided the bus to safety. Now people want to know about this whole case. People want to know what happened that the student had to run from the bus. So, read the full article.

Bus Driver Dillon Reeves

Who is the driver of the Dillon Reeves bus?

According to a recent CBS article, a Michigan teenager who recently prevented a school bus from crashing after the driver lost consciousness did so because he was the only passenger not concerned about a device. Two weeks after seventh grader Dillon Reeves took over a school bus after the driver passed out, the network claimed Sunday that the boy’s parents’ decision not to provide him with a cellphone had benefited him greatly. . What else would you do without a phone, according to Dillon’s father, Steve, who spoke to CBS? You’re going to look at people and take note of things. You will face the window. It is a tremendously powerful lesson that could potentially transform the world. According to the CBS story, several of Dillion’s bus passengers, who are eighth graders in the UK, said they were engrossed in their personal devices when the driver began to lose consciousness on April 26 as they were being driven home. from the school. .

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Bus Driver Dillon ReevesDillon Reeves

One of the students said: “I had my AirPods”, alluding to the well-known brand of wireless headphones. Another young man chimed in: “I was looking at my phone.” Another youth added: “I was on my phone playing a little game.” Dillon can be seen running to the wheel as the driver passes out in the middle of a medical emergency in video that was recorded by a bus security camera before it went viral. As other children screamed frantically from their seats, Dillon braked, pulled the bus away from oncoming traffic, and finally brought it to a stop. Someone dial 911 now! Now!” As he stopped the bus, Dillon yelled.

Bus Driver Dillon ReevesDillon Reeves’s parents

Dillon was hailed as a hero online and by his school district principal following news of his involvement in the getaway bus. Superintendent Robert D. Livernois wrote on Facebook: “The actions of the student who helped stop the bus made a difference today, and he couldn’t be more proud of his efforts.” Dillon’s parents advised to further delay the delivery of a phone due to his brave acts. When asked by CBS about his parents’ decision to continue to delay giving away a phone, Dillon sighed and replied: “Whatever. My parents are traditional. So, stay tuned for PKB news.

Bus Driver Dillon ReevesDillon Reeves’s parents

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