Who is the husband of Sheila Keen Warren? Wife pleads guilty to murder in Wellington

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Sheila Keen Warren

Sheila Keen Warren is said to be under arrest. Why was she arrested? People want to know more about her. You will get full details about her arrest in this article. Continue reading for more information.

Who is the husband of Sheila Keen Warren?

The incident occurred when a Chrysler LeBaron pulled up to Marlene Warren’s driveway. A clown who was crying appears. He wore an orange wig, a red bulbous nose, and a painted smile. The witness mentioned that the clown was giving away flowers and balloons and then took a revolver and shot him in the face. After shooting him, the clown disappears. The clown was not seen for the next 27 years. There was no evidence and the case remained unsolved.

Sheila Keenwarren

Everyone was curious to know about the clown. After so many years, Sheila Keen Warren was said to have been arrested. She is a 54 year old woman. She has been detained in the Appalachian Mountains. She was charged with the shooting in 1990. Let’s move on to more details on Seila Keen Warren.

Sheila Keen Warren Husband:

Michael Warran was married to Marlene Warren. Their marriage was not said to be a happy marriage. Marlene lived in the opulent Wellington Aero Club in South Florida. According to sources, Michael was said to be in a relationship with Sheila Keen. She was 27 years old at the time and divorced. Sheila Keen married Michael in 2002. He is said to be estranged from his ex-wife Merlene.

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Sheila Keenwarren

Both were in a relationship and it is likely that they decided to kill his then wife, Merlene. According to the sources, both are said to have equal involvement in the murder. They got married after Merlene’s death. Let us elaborate on the current scenario and update the case.

Sheila Keen Warren Arrest Update:

Sheila Keen Warren’s trial has begun and she is charged with second degree murder. She has been arrested for killing her partner’s wife in 1990. She is wearing a clown with flowers and balloons and shot him. She was sentenced to 12 years on Tuesday, April 25, 2023. She was murdered at her residence. Shiela Keen Warran will be jailed for 12 years. She has already spent 2,039 days in jail credited to her.

What was the reason behind his murder of Merlene?

She killed Merlene so she could marry Michael and live happily with him. They both lived together after killing her and operating a restaurant in Tennessee.

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