Who is the wife of Demond Fernández? Know the ethnic group of the reporter’s family

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Who is the wife of Demond Fernández?  Know the ethnic group of the reporter's family

Demond Fernandez is an American journalist who began his career as a news reporter at FOX 47 (WSYM) in June 2000. Fernandez remained with FOX 47 until June 2003, when he moved to work as a reporter and news anchor at WEYI TELEVISION INC. From June 2005 to June 2011, Fernández was a television news reporter at WOAI-TV News 4, and from June 2011 to June 2014, he was a news reporter for Channel 13 KTRK TV. Many people have been curious about Demond Fernandez’s marriage, but the seasoned journalist has not given any clues about his personal life. Therefore, it is still unknown if he is married or single.

Is Demond Fernandez married? Who is the wife of Demond Fernández?

Fernández has never been the subject of speculation or debate about her love relationships in the past. This is a strong indication that the journalist would rather keep his private matters to himself than reveal them to the public. In addition, Fernández has official profiles on Twitter and Facebook, although he only updates those accounts with information about his business life. Demond Fernandez was born in Maryland into a respectable family. Fernández was raised in Baltimore by his parents, whose identities have not been released to the press. Fernández wants to maintain high levels of seclusion in his personal life, as mentioned above.

Demon Fernandez

As a result, the names of his mother and father are still unknown. It is also unknown if Demond is the only child of his parents or if he has siblings. Fernandez is also a US citizen. Fernandez reportedly appears to be of African-American descent. Regarding his academic background, Fernández attended Thomas Cooley Law School. Fernández entered the University of Maryland in 1994 after finishing his studies.

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Demon Fernandez

Demond Fernandez has been a journalist for a long time. In Lansing, Michigan, at WSYM Fox 47 News, he began his career as a broadcaster. Fernández has panel experience and a solid reputation in this industry thanks to his work on many stations. As mentioned above, Fernández has received honors for his great effort. He belongs to Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and the National Association of Black Journalists. Fernández is also active on Facebook, where she has amassed more than 3,100 fans. Fernández has also been using Twitter since August 2010, and we can follow him by typing @DemondFernandez in the search bar. Demond has gained over 5,000 new followers as of this writing. Demond shares his daily activities and happenings on Twitter. He therefore, stay tuned for PKB news.

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