Who is Zander Lyda’s sister? Where is she now? she knows her parents

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Zander Lyda

It’s been a couple of months since people around the world learned of a heartbreaking incident that occurred at an apartment in Oklahoma where a 12-year-old girl killed her 9-year-old brother, but large numbers of people are still stumped. and little known about this incident. The most frequently asked question related to this incident is who the girl is and why the 12-year-old girl stabbed her 9-year-old brother. We have published this column to talk about the shocking murder case of Zander Lyda, the 9-year-old boy. Let’s unveil the details of this incident and also read about Zander’s sister Lyda. Kindly read her article till the end and get all the information. Scroll down the page.

Who is Zander Lyda’s sister?

Zander Lyda was taken to a hospital in critical condition and required urgent surgery as the puncture wounds were deep. But sadly, the 9-year-old Oklahoma boy was unable to survive the incident and lost his life. He was pronounced dead after succumbing to his injuries. Zander Lyda was reportedly found dead in his home. Oklahoma police have arrested the 12-year-old girl who told them she had been entranced by a demonic st in newly released body cam footage. Where is the girl now? To get this, take a look below.

Lida ZanderZander Lyda and her sister lived in an apartment in Tulsa with their parents. (Image Source New York Post)

Court documents state that Zander Lyda was found with 5 puncture wounds. Speaking of the girl’s identity, her name cannot be mentioned for legal reasons. But the photo of the girl has been revealed by the authorities. Where is Zander’s sister Lyda now? She is currently being held in the juvenile center. Zander’s sister Lyda is also reportedly receiving treatment in Tulsa. The brothers had been living in an apartment with their parents in St. Thomas Square, Tulsa. The girl in question is a high school student. Scroll down the page and read the latest on this case.

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Lida Zander

The reason behind the death of Oklahoma boy Zander Lyda remains a mystery to the world. Authorities have been able to conclude why the girl stabbed her brother to death. Her parents explained that Zander’s sister Lyda woke them up just before midnight and told them that she had stabbed him. Meanwhile, her parents left stunned. However, she called the authorities and reported the incident. Body camera footage of the girl released by police shows Zander’s sister Lyda running to the door to meet them and saying “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. Very sorry”. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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