Who killed Isma Olaxes? Tribute pouring in as Ugandan blogger shot dead in Kyanja

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Who killed Isma Olaxes?  Tribute pouring in as Ugandan blogger shot dead in Kyanja

Recently, news about the famous Ugandan vlogger is going viral on the internet, but not for his usual reasons. When the public hears the news about him, they are all shocked. The public is surfing the internet to find out more about Isma Olaxes as she recently passed away. All social networks are flooded with news about him, the public searches the internet for the reason for his death. So for our readers, we have brought all the information about him and also the reason for his death. To know more he continues reading the article.

Who killed Isma Olaxes? death and obituary

Mostly known as Jaja Iculi, the famous Ugandan vlogger, Isma Olaxes, recently passed away. He was a social media influencer and has gained quite a following on social media through his entertaining video. He not only used to create informative videos, in those videos he used to provide information on various types of topics, mostly including politics, celebrity news, and social issues. Everyone knows him for his unique style and personality. When his fans find out about his death, they are all shocked. For fans, it’s hard to believe that he is no more. Lots of people are looking for information about his death and we have brought it to you in this article, just follow the article to know more about it.

Isma Olaxes

His passing in May 2023 shocked his fans and followers because he was known for his distinctive personality and fashion sense. Social media users have been sharing numerous images of Isma Olaxes with her body covered in blood, sitting in a car with a Subha around her neck and wearing a Lakers jersey. According to information from reliable sources, the controversial blogger was killed by unidentified motorcyclists in the Kyanja region as he was returning home. Isma Olaxess was a well-known person who became well-liked for his unqualified opinions, which his followers respected.

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Isma Olaxes

He was also highly recognized by various artists for his ability to persuade people to support the arts. His rise to prominence was also not without controversy, with some people disliking him due to his critical views and perceived haughtiness of him. Isma Olaxes was shot, and shortly after the tragic news broke, a message was posted on his Facebook profile, Jajja Iculli1. We regret to inform that Jajja Iculi has been shot, the statement said. More details will be provided later. The death of Isma Olaxes was confirmed by another message that was posted on the page less than 30 minutes later.

Isma Olaxes

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