Why does Text to Voice help teachers and students?

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Why does Text to Voice help teachers and students?

While there are many options for school-age children to learn fundamental skills like reading, one method has been gaining popularity in recent years because it has been shown to be an effective way to help children grow. This is through the use of text-to-speech services in classrooms so that children, especially those with vision and reading comprehension problems, can better understand the words on a page. Text-to-speech can not only help students learn better, but it can also help teachers.

How it favors students

In some cases, students will have trouble processing information when reading coherently. This can be due to a number of factors, such as having a visual impairment, conditions such as dyslexia, or simply being more familiar with a different language than the one being read. This is why text-to-speech services are really helpful because students can focus on the meaning behind each word instead of diverting all their attention to processing the text themselves.

These services offer the ability to vocalize text, allow students to hear the tone of a sentence instead of just reading it, and better visualize the meaning of their text. Features like custom voices and highlighting can also make a big difference in helping students absorb your material in a much more comfortable way.

How it helps teachers too

For teachers, text-to-speech software and services can be a huge time saver. They are easy to use and, in most cases, students are comfortable with the results. Teachers can use these programs to help each student get individual, one-on-one attention that was previously impossible. They can monitor how students process information more effectively. Still, teachers can apply these services to almost any text, be it a textbook, learning guide, or storybooks for young learners.

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Teachers can use these services on printed texts that do not have built-in audio functionality. As long as the text is there, it can be transcribed and delivered as sound. The sounds themselves are of high quality and easy for the students listening to them to understand. With the help of synthesized voices, students are not limited to just having robotic sounds instructing them, but are able to hear the voices they resonate with the most.

The students who benefit most from this technology are those who have the most trouble reading. It is estimated that around 20% of all students have some type of learning disability that inhibits their ability to correctly process all the material that is read. Still, only about 4% of students receive the proper special education needed to get through them. By using these text-to-speech services, teachers can help students get back on track and allow them to absorb their reading materials just like their peers who might not have the same problem. With text-to-speech in the classroom, the gap between them might not be that big.

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