Why Mckenzie Gaudlip Arrested: Instagram Model Arrested for DUI Charge

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Mckenzie Gaudlip

An integral aspect of Mckenzie Gaudlip’s arrest centers around the charges she faces for driving under the influence (DUI). The sequence of events that transpired upon the arrival of Patrolman Frank Galano at the scene sheds light on the circumstances leading to her arrest. Upon interacting with Gaudlip, she reportedly admitted to having consumed alcohol earlier in the day. This disclosure, combined with the officers’ suspicions of impairment, prompted them to request that Gaudlip perform field sobriety exercises as part of their assessment.

During these exercises, Gaudlip allegedly exhibited indications of impairment while undergoing tests such as the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) and the walk-and-turn evaluations. These assessments are specifically designed to gauge an individual’s motor skills, balance, and cognitive functioning. The reported signs of impairment during these tests, coupled with Gaudlip’s admission to having consumed alcohol, culminated in her arrest for driving under the influence. Patrolwoman Courtney Casterlin took the necessary action to place her under arrest based on the observations and evidence gathered during the interaction.

In line with legal protocols, McKenzie Gaudlip’s vehicle underwent a search and was subsequently impounded as part of the procedures stipulated by the law. At the present moment, Gaudlip is not incarcerated, but she is contending with charges linked to her alleged involvement in a domestic dispute. After being arrested and processed by the Howell Township Police Department, Gaudlip was released into the care of a friend as she awaited her upcoming court appearance. Although she is not presently incarcerated, the charges she is confronting have undoubtedly cast a focused light on both her personal and professional spheres. This incident underscores the distinction between legal proceedings and public opinion. It is crucial to recognize that individuals who face charges are presumed innocent until proven guilty within the context of a court of law.

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