Why was Ali Zaidi arrested? PTI leader indicted in Karachi

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Why was Ali Zaidi arrested?  PTI leader indicted in Karachi

PTI leader Ali Haider Zaidi was arrested by authorities in Karachi on fraud charges. Read further to find out more. PTI Sindh Chairman Ali Haider Zaidi was arrested at the party office in Karachi on Saturday after a case was filed against him at the Ibrahim Hyderi police station on charges of “fraud”. According to the First Information Report (FIR), a copy of which is available, the case was registered under Sections 34, 506, 420, 471 and 468 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

Why was Ali Zaidi arrested?

The FIR registered on the complaint of a real estate dealer, Fazal Ilahi, against Zaidi and two unidentified individuals. According to the FIR, the complainant told the police that Zaidi had a real estate business in 2013 and had asked him for a loan of Rs 180 crore. The complaint claimed that as security, Zaidi gave him the papers for a property valued at Rs 16.7 crore and promised to pay the remaining Rs 12.5 crore within the next six months. An agreement to that effect has been signed at the Ilahi office in the Jamot Para area of ​​Ibrahim Hyderi, the IRF said. Ilahi alleged in the FIR that he had asked Zaidi several times to transfer the parcel to his name, but continued to use delaying tactics. Furthermore, he claimed that later, it was revealed that the property file given to him by Zaidi was false.

PTI کرلیا ہے

— Farrukh Habib (@FarrukhHabibISF) April 15, 2023

سندھ پولیس کے ذریعے علی حیدر زیدی کی گرفتاری سے یہ فسطائی حکومت کون سا تی ر مار لے گی ؟ مرتی ہوئی سیاست کو ان ہتھکنڈوں سے زندہ نہیں نہیں کیا جا سکتا ۔ بے شرم امپورٹڈ حکومت جاتے جاتے بھی ڈھٹائی کا مظاہرہ کر رہی ہے ۔ مذمت… pic.twitter.com/nySjVm9tae

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— Sayed Z Bukhari (@sayedzbujari) April 15, 2023

Strongly condemn the arrest of another of our top leaders, Ali Zaidi from Karachi. All part of the London Plan where Nawaz ensured that PTI would be crushed. More than 3,000 PTI workers arrested, kidnapped, terrorized. Ali Amin and now Ali Zaidi kidnapped. A new plan in motion for more

—Imran Khan (@ImranKhanPTI) April 15, 2023

The FIR quoted the whistleblower as saying that despite frequent requests, the suspect refused to provide the money. Ilahi allegedly said that the suspect had bad intentions and abused his trust and committed fraud. In his complaint, Ilahi has also asked Zaidi for police protection for him and his children. The police have not yet issued any official statement in this regard. Earlier, a video posted on the official PTI Twitter account showed a man, believed to be Zaidi, being escorted to a white car by plainclothes men surrounded by uniformed police personnel.

In another video from inside the PTI Secretariat, officials can be seen pushing and dragging Zaidi by the arm. The party’s provincial media department said Zaidi was arrested at the PTI Secretariat without a warrant. The spokesman said police and men in plain clothes took Zaidi to an undisclosed location. Police personnel also confiscated some mobile phones from the party office, adding that the search was illegal. Sindh Assembly opposition leader Haleem Adil Sheikh also condemned Zaidi’s arrest, saying police broke into the PTI office illegally and without any warrant. Later, the PTI announced a protest in front of the Ibrahim Hyderi police station to condemn Zaidi’s protest. A post on the party’s official Twitter called for PTI workers and legislators to gather in front of the Ibrahim Hyderi police station at 10:30 p.m. today. Thanks for being a patient reader.

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