Why was Chikoti Praveen arrested in Thailand? explored charges

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Why was Chikoti Praveen arrested in Thailand?  explored charges

Recently, the news has gone viral on the internet about Chikoti Praveen. The public seems to be very interested in him. They are surfing the internet to know more about him. When the news comes to the public that Chikoti Praveen is involved in the gambling scandal, this has drawn the attention of the public and now they like to know more about him and the case in which he has been involved. The public is looking for all the details about the arrest that was made in a Thai casino. In this article, we have brought all the information about the case. To learn more about it, follow the article.

Chikoti Praveen arrested in Thailand

Police in Thailand recently arrested Hyderabad gambler Chikoti Praveen and with him at least eighty-three Indian tourists from the Asia Pattaya hotel, which was a makeshift casino in the Bang Lamung district of Chonburi. They have been arrested for accumulating more than Rs 100 crores in credits there. Police arrested them early Monday morning. This detainee has been in the news on the internet. Now, after the arrest, the public is searching the Internet for details about this matter. As it seems, some politicians from Telangana are also involved in this case.

Chikoti Praveen

According to the sources, Telangana politician Chitti Devender Reddy, who was also the central bank chairwoman of Medak district cooperative and a BRS member, appears to be involved in this case. Chikoti Praveen mostly goes by the name PC on the casino circuit. According to the sources, the Chikoti gambling companies have put the Goa Bid daddy to the test. He then drove to the casino in Nepal, then to cockfighting and gambling in South India. Not only that, he also turned the convention halls of Thai hotels into a makeshift casino. And there most of the players from Hyderabad were airlifted for the gambling and sightseeing package.

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Chikoti Praveen

Gambling is illegal everywhere, no matter where it takes place. And when the public receives news like this on the Internet that some politician has been involved in the gambling scandal, it surprises them. And when the news about this case came out, it was very shocking to the public as it says that the log book seized from the hotel lobby has gambling credits of more than Rs 100 crore, as the police chief of Chonburi Police Commander General Kampol Leelaprahphporn said. According to the sour

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