Why was Rod Githens arrested? UOP professor accused of child sexual abuse

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Why was Rod Githens arrested?  UOP professor accused of child sexual abuse

The recent news about the professor’s arrest has been very shocking to the public. When they receive this news, everyone seems to surf the Internet to know more about this matter. Everyone is very curious about this matter of why this arrest is being made and what was the motive behind this arrest. To know more about this matter, everyone surfs the internet and hits the search bar. The charges against the teachers are more shocking. For the public it was very shocking and incredible to think that any teacher can do this kind of thing. To know more about this matter and the reason for the arrest, continue with the article.

rod githens arrested

The news recently came out that a professor from the Universidad del Pacífico has been arrested. According to sources, he was discharged after being accused of exchanging images of a minor. Not only that, he was also saying that he was also involved in sexual matters. Additionally, Rodger ‘Rod’ Githens allegedly attempted to set up a date with an FBI agent who was working undercover so he could sexually assault a 7-year-old boy. Finally, he was arrested on April 21. A criminal complaint from the Eastern District of California alleges that Githens had been speaking with an undercover officer posing as a father who was having sex with his 7-year-old niece on a “taboo topic.” friendly environment”.

rod githens

Githens allegedly intended to meet with the agent and promised to bring her favorite candy bar and an Ariel doll, according to the lawsuit. He even planned to meet the 7-year-old girl in Fresno on April 7 for sex, but both meetings were postponed, according to authorities. Githens submitted two selfie photos that revealed his face, allowing authorities to eventually identify him. When a search warrant was served on April 19, authorities discovered that he had allegedly exchanged child pornography images and videos.

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rod githens

When I was a professor at UOP, I practiced solely focused on action-oriented facilitation and evaluation. The university made the following statement in response to the allegations: On Monday afternoon, a reporter’s office informed the institution that Professor Rod Githens was facing legal action. He was immediately placed on indefinite administrative leave. Ongoing legal disputes are not discussed by the university. Although we have not heard of any criminal activity involving the institution or its property, we are still initiating an independent review by an outside investigator.

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