Will Aghajanian, Horses restaurant scandal explained

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Will Aghajanian

The theory behind a disturbing controversy over the most popular restaurant in Los Angeles is briefly explained in this article. You must read the article and follow us to get all the ideas. Continue reading for more details. Horses, the boss of a popular Los Angeles restaurant, accused her husband and business partner of killing the family cats in a divorce filing in which she also filed for a domestic violence restraining order. Elizabeth Johanson filed her request in November to keep Will Aghajanian away from her for fear that he might hurt her or someone else. She alleged that he assaulted her numerous times.

Will Aghajanian, scandal at Horses restaurant

One of Horse’s co-chefs, Elizabeth Johnson, has reportedly accused her husband and business partner, chef Will Aghajanian, of killing several family cats and…many other disturbing allegations. Johnson filed a domestic violence restraining order request in November of last year. that the judge granted it in December and extended it this month against Aghajanian, fearing he might hurt her or someone else. According to the sources, Johnson alleges that Aghajanian threatened to feed the cat to coyotes and witnessed Aghajanian violently shaking the cat late at night, and the kitten ultimately ended up dying the next day.

Will Aghajanian

Johnson also alleges that Aghajaninian physically abused her, pointing to a 2019 incident in which he dragged her across the ground by her legs. Johnson also filed for a restraining order against Aghajanian for her dogs, Pancho, Javi and Spud. In the courtroom, Johnson claimed that she had cats that mysteriously ended up dying, including one in 2017 that she took to a shelter when she was critically injured overnight. The shelter told him that she had been severely abused, but Will denied it. Johnson alleged that Aghajanian’s mental and psychological abuse prevented him from realizing to her sooner what she was doing to the animals.

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Will Aghajanian

In a statement, Aghajanian’s mother, Amanda Weathersby, said the couple had a series of kittens that died while living in New York City. Johnson alleged physical abuse at the hands of Aghajanian. In 2019, Aghajanian dragged her across the ground by her legs as she screamed and tried to resist, according to her file. Samuel Burchett entered a plea in the case saying he was Aghajanian’s best friend and lived with the couple for a brief period while he worked for them in Tennessee at the Catbird Seat restaurant.

Will Aghajanian

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