Will OnePlus be able to retain its market position in the future?

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Will OnePlus be able to retain its market position in the future?

Oppo took a bold step by launching OnePlus in the past. It was a great decision, as Oppo has given OnePlus autonomous status and the freedom to develop smartphones and technology. That’s why we have Oxygen OS and cool looking smartphones. It is one of the best devices that are out of this world. But, in recent days, we have heard that OnePlus has merged with Oppo and the autonomous status has been revoked. If you’re looking to buy the cool OnePlus 8 cases, it might be your last chance to get yourself a clean OnePlus device. With OnePlus 9, we can see the devices that work with Oppo’s leadership and style.

The whole dynamic has been changed with Oxygen OS influenced by Oppo’s ColorOS. We can’t think of the level of spying Oppo can do on users with its not-so-great analytics data and server storage. Well, that’s what we talk about in this post, and find out if OnePlus still has that potential to be one of the best smartphone manufacturers on the market or not.

Changes in the organization

The company has recently been overtaken by Oppo, which has changed a lot. The OnePlus founder has already left the company, so Oppo has full control of the brand. With organizational changes, we can see the change in R&D and even in the brand vision. Without that, everything is difficult and people may find it easier not to trust the brand. The vision and exquisite branding of OnePlus devices made them amazing smartphones, and no one can match the ubiquity of such smartphones. But now, the design aspects are changing, the hardware is changing, and the software of the devices is taking a big hit, all because of the organizational changes in the company.

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software changes

OxygenOS is an integral part of OnePlus devices. The almost available Android experience with OnePlus OxygenOS customizations made OnePlus smartphones run faster and smoother than the other smartphones. Well, the software has been changing since Oppo entered the chat. The excellent OxygenOS has been playing around and adding the elements of ColorOS, which makes the appearance worse. While ColorOS isn’t bad at all, having the integrity of OxygenOS intact is one of the best things. According to rumors, OxygenOS will be replaced by ColorOS in future OnePlus smartphones. So, that’s something we need to consider and make decisions accordingly before thinking about whether or not OnePlus has a special charm in the smartphone market.

hardware errors

Yes. OnePlus has wonderful hardware, but you know the Hasselblad controversy? The horrible Hasselblad-branded cameras on the OnePlus 8 weren’t much appreciated by smartphone users and OnePlys fans. Such decisions made without research and experience were bound to draw criticism from users. Oppo is pretty good when it comes to hardware options and optimizing them, and we can expect them to take care of this side and make it easy for users to have a great experience. That’s a positive about OnePlus and Oppo that will keep them in the smartphone market race against the giants.

Last words

When it comes to the future of any smartphone brand, comparison with the various factors becomes a tedious task. We all know that there are multiple tasks involved in business, so talking about everything is not a feasible option. But, Oppo’s recent acquisition and control of ONePlus has certainly raised some questions about the future of the brand. But with the right decisions and excellent service, OnePlus can surely become the brand that will rise to the top of the market.

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