Winner Dismisses Email As Fraud, Hits $416,322 Lottery Jackpot In The US

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Winner Dismisses Email As Fraud, Hits $416,322 Lottery Jackpot In The US

In an unexpected turn of events, a Michigan man discovered himself the lucky winner of a lottery jackpot of over $400,000 despite not even knowing he had entered the drawing. 

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Who was the man who won $416,322 Lottery in the US?

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Through his online gaming activities, the unwary man, who wishes to remain unknown, unwittingly accumulated entries into the state’s second-chance lottery. 

Why did he dismiss the email?

He originally dismissed the email notification of his win as a fraud, finding it difficult to believe that he could have won such a large sum without even aware he was playing. However, after checking the message’s legitimacy, he was overcome with disbelief and excitement.

What did the Lottery company say?

According to the Michigan Lottery, the 67-year-old player, who preferred to remain anonymous, won $416,322 in a random drawing on October 11. He qualified for the sweepstakes by playing the eligible BIG CA$H Second Chance Jackpot games online.

“I play games online a lot, but I had no idea I was earning entries into a second chance giveaway when playing certain games,” the player told me. “I received an email from the Michigan Lottery claiming I had won a $416,322 second chance prize, and I assumed it was a scam because I had not entered a giveaway.”

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“I realized I’d been earning entries without even knowing it when I called the Michigan Lottery.” I still can’t believe it’s true. It’s a surreal sensation to win such a hefty lottery reward!”

How is the man going to use the lottery money?

The winner recently went to Lottery headquarters to claim his large award. He intends to divide his profits with his family and then save the balance.

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