Woman snatches the best deals, buys 3 abandoned houses in Italy for only 270 rupees

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Woman snatches the best deals, buys 3 abandoned houses in Italy for only 270 rupees

When it comes to snatching deals, there is no one more qualified than a desi mom. However, a Californian woman proved everyone wrong when she jumped at the chance and bought three abandoned houses in Sicily, Italy for just $3.30 (which is roughly equivalent to Rs 270).

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California woman buys 3 abandoned houses in Italy for Rs 270

Woman buys abandoned houses in Italy at cheap pricesinstagram

Rubia Daniels, a 49-year-old Brazilian expat, bought these houses in 2019 and is finally fixing them up. Daniels works in the solar industry and happened to hear that Italy offers very low prices for abandoned houses in an attempt to repopulate remote towns in the country. Upon hearing the news, Daniels felt a special spark that prompted her to act on her hunch.

The San Francisco resident told Insider: “I was so in awe. It was one of those things you have to see to make sure it’s true. I investigated and in three days I had my plane ticket, a rental car, the hotel and I left”.

After hearing the prices of the place, Rubia set off for Mussomeli. This is a small town of about 10,000 inhabitants. It is located near the center of Sicily, an island off the Italian mainland.

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Many towns in Italy are selling houses for similar prices

Even before the pandemic hit the world, Italy was battling a serious problem of population decline and offering staggering prices for its empty towns. For example, in 2019, the Sicilian town of Sambuca di Sicilia was selling houses for as little as $1 in an effort to revitalize the area.

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Although these cities were handing out houses at outrageous prices, no one was talking about how renovating these dilapidated houses would cost between $24,000 (around Rs 20 lakh) and $90,000 (almost Rs 74 lakh).

Woman buys 3 abandoned houses in Italy and renovates theminstagram

Daniels has big plans for the three properties he has purchased in the country. Although she will prepare a house for when she visits the place, Daniels has decided to build the other two places for the well-being of the town, which she has welcomed with open arms.

One of his houses plans to turn it into an art gallery, while another aspires to turn it into a wellness center for the community. The wellness center will be your biggest project to tackle. After purchasing the properties in July 2019, Daniels began working on them during the second half of the year.

For now, the exteriors of two properties have been fully worked on, but restoration of the wellness center has yet to begin, having hit a bump in the road with COVID.

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