Woman Wears Lehenga On London Tube

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Woman Wears Lehenga On London Tube

A video has gone viral on social media, showing a young woman raising attention as she walks through the streets of London wearing a crimson bridal ‘lehenga’. 

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Who wore a lehenga in London making heads turn?

Woman Wears Lehenga In London Tube
Shraddha, a Spanish-Indian model turned heads in London | Image: Instagram

The reel was published by Shraddha, a Spanish-Indian model with 1,68,000 Instagram followers. Her bio also defines her as a digital marketer and viral media guru.

What happens in the video?

In the film, the model first rides the London tube dressed as a bride in a crimson embroidered ‘lehenga’ and heavy jewellery. As she boards the train, all eyes are on her, as passengers appear impressed by her choice of clothes.

Woman Wears Lehenga In London Tube
She takes a stroll down the streets, and receives a lot of attention | Image: Instagram

She then arrives at her destination, takes a stroll down the streets, and receives the same level of attention. Some were seen taking photos of her, while others cast interested stares.

“Giving y’all anxiety through the screen,” the video’s caption read. The video’s text insert says, ”Reactions to a desi top and skirt in London.

How did people on the internet react?

Since being shared on February 1, the video has received 2,7 lakh likes and over 42 million views.

The video has gotten varied comments from online users, with some appreciating her confidence and others criticizing her for ”attention-seeking behavior. 

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Meanwhile, some admired her confidence and praised her for embracing her ethnic identity.

One user stated, ”In India, people will think you are a runaway bride. 

A second user wrote, ”Gorgeous! Yes, wear anything you want, wherever you want!

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A third added, ”Her confidence level. 

A fourth added, ”I am proud of Indian culture.” A fifth said, ”Elegant and gorgeous. 

Check the video her.

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