Women, break the taboo! Here’s how to close the pleasure gap and take control like a boss.

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Women, break the taboo!  Here's how to close the pleasure gap and take control like a boss.

It’s time to tackle the elephant in the room, or in this case, the gap in the bedroom. We’re talking about the pleasure gap, the little devil lurking in the bedroom shadows. It’s the unfortunate truth that women often experience fewer orgasms than men and we’d like to call it the orgasm gap or the pleasure gap. People are often reluctant to delve into this subject, which should highlight the fact that even in the 21st century, women are still fighting to claim their pleasure. Gender equality has not closed the satisfaction gap between men and women during sexual encounters.

Everyone deserves pleasure, including sexual pleasure, and addressing any barriers to achieving that pleasure is essential. Pointing out the barriers that prevent women from enjoying their sexuality to the fullest, healthcare brand MsChief devised a film that sheds light on an often overlooked topic: the orgasm gap between men and women. MsChief’s message is clear: everyone deserves sexual pleasure and it’s time to break the taboo and address the pleasure gap. Kudos to the brand for promoting healthy and pleasurable sexual experiences for all women.

The film features a grandmother and granddaughter struggling to achieve sexual satisfaction. Although the granddaughter lives freely, the grandmother remains stuck in her old ways. The interview explores the emotional and social challenges women face, revealing that the pleasure gap remains a taboo subject in society. Women continue to fight to claim their pleasure in bed, even in today’s generation where life is supposedly easier. The sad part is that this pleasure gap is still a taboo topic in society.

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So ladies, it’s time to unleash your inner goddess and indulge in the pleasure you’ve always craved. MsChief has your back with their range of sexual wellness products that will have her toes curling and mind numbing in no time. From ultra-thin condoms that will make you feel every sensation to tempting lubricants, fragrances and accessories, MsChief has everything you need for a magical experience. So don’t be shy, break the taboo and embrace your pleasure like the queen that you are.

MsChief products are formulated not only to enhance pleasure, but also to prioritize the well-being of your skin. Their range of lubricants, fragrances and preservatives are free of harmful ingredients (parabens, glycerin and chemicals) and contain natural flavors and skin-balancing components. The added flavors in the products not only set the mood but also offer a refreshing experience. In fact, pleasure-enhancing accessories are made from body-safe materials and discreetly packaged. MsChief is dedicated to promoting healthy and pleasurable sexual experiences for individuals and couples with its wide range of products.

So, it’s time to break the stigma surrounding the pleasure gap and prioritize sexual satisfaction for all genders.

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