Women’s Menstrual Health: Foods to Eat and Avoid; See the complete guide

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It is actually very difficult to predict how a person feels inside during their period.

To lessen menstrual symptoms, women need to be careful about the foods they eat during their menstrual cycle. It is essential to include the following nutrients in your diet to help decrease period pain: These foods can help with period pain and exhaustion. It is actually very difficult to predict how a person feels inside during their period. While some people don’t have any symptoms, there are many others who struggle to get out of bed due to cramps, headaches, pain, and nausea.

Your body sheds the uterine lining during the menstrual cycle, which results in bleeding. As a result, you should focus on taking in the following essential nutrients during this time: We’ve included some of the foods you should and shouldn’t eat during your period.

Foods to eat during period


Consume a cup of ginger tea to soothe sore muscles during menstruation, but do not exceed 4 grams per day to avoid heartburn and stomach problems.

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Green vegetables

Consume green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach to increase iron levels in the body and decrease fatigue, discomfort, and disorientation during periods.


Fish is high in protein, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids, which can help ease menstrual pain and mood swings.


Turmeric contains a significant amount of curcumin, and it is true that curcumin is the main active element found in turmeric. Turmeric also has an anti-inflammatory effect, which helps in the treatment of muscle cramps.

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Bananas are the best foods to consume during your period because they help with bloating and cramps and are high in potassium and vitamin B6.

Dark chocolate

Most people don’t like dark chocolate, but it has a great ability to treat menstrual cramps and a variety of other problems. Dark chocolate includes endorphins, which are happy hormones that help you feel better.

Foods to Avoid During Period

Processed foods

Canned foods, processed meat, and foods high in sodium can cause bloating and water retention, especially during menstruation, so try to avoid them during your menstrual cycle. The reason to avoid all of them is that they all have a greater effect on the body during your period.


To minimize blood pressure, tiredness, and menstrual flow, you should limit or eliminate alcoholic beverages during your period.

The spicy food

Spices can aggravate PMS symptoms by causing gas and bloating, so choose healthy options like fresh chilies. More research is needed to find out if cinnamon, turmeric, and fennel have anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and antihypertensive properties. Before using any herb or supplement, check with your doctor.


Papaya is widely considered a spicy food that can disrupt the fetus and the menstrual cycle. However, no research has been done to test whether this superfood can raise the body’s core temperature enough to cause concern. Eating ripe papaya is not harmful to a woman’s period and it is safe and helpful to eat during periods. However, it should only be consumed in the amount specified.

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