YouTube introduces ‘Creator Music’ to monetize licensed music

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YouTube has launched Creator Music, its new marketplace, giving YouTube Partner Program (YPP) creators in the US a simple and convenient new way to monetize their videos.

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While users can still generate income from their movies using the new platform, they will have access to an ever-expanding collection of music to use in those videos.

You can find the following on YouTube’s help page: “We’re excited to start rolling this out to monetize creators in the US over the next few weeks and continue to explore expanding into new countries in 2023. Subscribe to this post and we’ll “. I will keep you posted on our implementation plans.”

With the launch of ‘Creator Music’ in September 2022, the firm provided YouTube content producers with a convenient means of accessing the extensive library of music available for use in the ever-growing number of long-form videos.

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According to an IANS report, content producers who are not interested in purchasing a license upfront have the option to use music and share the profits with the related artists and track rights holders.

“Creators can now purchase high-quality, affordable music licenses that give them full monetization potential,” said Amjad Hanif, YouTube’s vice president of creator products, in an official statement. “They will keep the same revenue share as they normally would on videos without music,” added Amjad Hanif. “This is a great victory for the community.”

Google announced in January 2023 that it had restructured the terms of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and that the new terms would include new modules such as the “Shorts Monetization Module”.

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This module would allow creators to start earning ad revenue on Shorts, which are short-form videos on the platform, starting February 1 and onwards, on the video-sharing platform.

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